Module 0 – Post-assessment Quiz

Welcome to your Module 0 - Post-assessment Quiz

Why do you think that the core values respect, educate and protect are so important for a digital citizen?

If you were to evaluate yourself as digital citizen, which of the 9 elements of digital citizenship (Digital Access, Digital Commerce, Digital Communication, Digital Literacy, Digital Etiquette, Digital Law and copyright, Digital Rights and Responsibilities, Digital health and wellness and Digital Security) you have developed the most and which the least?

Digital divide is related to the lack of technology access as well as to the lack of knowledge about how to use technology that is available.

It is a fact that fake news phenomena has existed since the beginning of printed news (is not a new problem), but why “fake” content that is disseminated online bringing its effects to new dimensions?

Among the elements that contribute to safe online experiences are? (select all the options you think belong)

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