Module 8 – Post-assessment Quiz

Welcome to your Module 8 - Post-assessment Quiz

Malware is considered a technical threat.

Secure public Wi-Fi needs a password to log in. In addition, it will ask you to fill a registration form with personal details as well as your bank account number.

Putting your 3rd cousin's name as you password to you social media accounts is fine. After all nobody knows her from you circle.

Malware is any software that is intended to damage or disable computer systems without the owner's knowledge.

Phishing is a type of crime, where victims get striped of their personal belongings, including mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

You feel uncomfortable with the content of a website you visit. What do you do?

You found this amazing game application on a website, but you can only download it from there and not in Apple Store or Google Play. What do you do?

It is wise to answer to emails that have as a subject:

You just received an email from , informing you that someone has singed into your account from another country and requesting you to click to a link to change your password. What do you do?

Which is a best practice to protect yourself while using social media?

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