Module 3 – Pre-assessment Quiz

Welcome to your Module 3 - Pre-assessment Quiz

As a digital citizen, we must be aware of the legal rights and restrictions governing technology use.

Do you think is legal to download a video from YouTube and copy parts of it?

The term copyright includes a collection of rights and abilities that the owner of a poem, a song, a novel, a photograph, an artwork, a movie enjoys.

It’s legal to download movies without paying for them.

It’s ok to copy-paste words from a published research, without acknowledging the specific writer as the source.

One of the below is not identified as cybercrime. Choose the right answer.

Pirate Bay, is a legal online platform that allows visitors to search and download movies, music, software, games etc

Is secure when we save our email and password when signing in in our mailbox using a friend’s laptop

As a Facebook profile user, is necessary to share with your digital friends, personal information like your house address, schools you attended, photos with your family house, etc.

What is GDPR?

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