What is Digital Citizenship?

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About Course

The introduction module provides an overview of all topics related to digital citizenship that are covered by the DICIPASS program. The 9 modules that are part of the program are grouped into three basic categories: “respect”, “educate” and “protect”, that correspond to the three guiding principles that compose the S3 Framework (Safe, Savvy and Social), taken from the teaching methodology proposed by Mike Ribble, which was created to provide a frame for the teaching of digital citizenship. These categories seek to encourage the following conducts: respect yourself and respect others, educate yourself and connect with others and protect yourself and protect others. Each category contains three modules shown in the following list, together with their related topics. The order is random and does not represent any weight of importance.

The goal of this introductory module is to provide an overview of all the mentioned topics and generate awareness towards them. As this module serves as an introduction, each module will be covered briefly with examples, which shall show why it is important to be informed about them. To provide some deeper insights, one module of each category will be covered in more detail. These modules are:

Respect: Digital Access and Digital Law and Copyright

  • Open-source
  • Digital Divide
  • Technology access
  • Device availability
  • Ideas to support public Internet infrastructure
  • Hacking (development over time)

Educate: Digital Literacy

  • Search engines
  • Validation of information

Protect: Digital safety and security

  • Digital footprint
  • Privacy
  • Security

For more info visit the links below:

Ribble, M. (2020). Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship. Retrieved from: https://www.digitalcitizenship.net/nine-elements.html

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Course Content


  • Overview of DICIPASS Course
  • Pre-assessment quiz

Learning Outcomes
The Erasmus+ project “DICIPASS4YOUTH: European Digital Citizenship Pass for Youth Empowerment and Participation” offers the students the opportunity to learn about Digital Citizenship and its elements, so they can acquire lifelong learning skills that will make them empowered and responsible technology users and will reduce the risk of exclusion in terms of e-access and e-participation, to benefit society as a whole.

Topic 1: Respect

Topic 2: Educate

Topic 3: Protect

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