Digital Etiquette
About Lesson

Digital etiquette (sometimes called netiquette) is defined as “the standards of conduct expected by other digital technology users” (Ribble & Bailey, 2007). Essentially, as a participant of a technology-driven society, one is expected to demonstrate appropriate behaviour and choices in the digital community as well as understand the impact and consequences of those choices. All digital technology users must be aware of others when using technology and understand how technology use can affect others.

Digital Etiquette is important because, without it, the digital world can become a hostile or dangerous place of false comfort, which is basically a place you don’t want to be in. If that practice is carried out online, every single day, people in your generation may adjust to being disrespectful in real life.

Within the explanation of everything related to digital etiquettes and participation, we will find 3 topics in which we will explain the importance of digital etiquettes and participation, the rules to be followed and how to adhere to netiquette in various forms of online communications.

This module is very important in the digital age because the access to it is basic to be able to adopt a responsible digital behaviour, to develop digital ethics etc. Therefore, it is linked to all the other modules.

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