Digital Commerce


The module will address the precautions that all technology users must take to guarantee a safe digital commerce experience. This will be explained through educational topics that will teach young people safe online shopping techniques, prevention measures against identity theft and actions to be taken if a security breach happens.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand safe online payment methods.
  • Understand basic website and network security.
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts when shopping online.
  • Understand the dangers of their identity being stolen.
  • Understand the means used for stealing your identity.
  • Understand what Website Hardening means.
  • Understand the implications when using a credit card in online shopping.
  • Understand preventive and proactive measures against credit card data theft.

Topics for this course

7 Lessons10h

Introduction to the Module 6

Module 6: Overview
Module 6: Pre-assessment Quiz
Module 6: What will you learn

Topic 1: Safe Online Shopping

Topic 2: Technology and Identity Theft

Topic 3: Technology and Credit Issue

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Material Includes

  • Presentation on Digital Commerce
  • Pre-assessement quiz
  • Post-assessment quiz


  • No prior knowledge is required to participate in this course. Make sure to do the pre-assessment quiz to test your knowledge prior to taking the course. The post-assessment quiz will evaluate your acquired skills and knowledge.